Benefit mindset – Being Well. Doing Well.

We’ve all have heard of Carol Dweck’s work on the Growth Mindest, however, we may not know much about the benefit mindset. Ash Buchanan and Margaret Kern of Uni Melbourne have written a great article on how the benefit mindset, using values and purpose, can contribute to great leadership, successful learning, and through social innovation impact our overall wellbeing. The article can be found here: THE BENEFIT MINDSET: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF CONTRIBUTION AND EVERYDAY LEADERSHIP

In simple terms, we need to move beyond our own growth alone (individual) and work towards the growth of the people we live and work with (collective). I don’t mean a mindset where we need to sacrifice our life, wealth and freedom like communism or socialism (we’ve all seen what that leads to), but rather a shift mindset where we do things that add value to ourselves, others and ideally leave a legacy for the future. When we work to produce or consume, we should ask why am I doing this? How will this benefit the people around me or the world? Will this make a difference or just add another problem to the finite world?

Since World War II we have seen what the rise in mass automation, production and agriculture can do to our lives and the planet. Even education was reshaped and built for industry, in the name what? In the name of M.A.I.N, militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism. Look what that lead to.

We need to develop leaders of the future that will lead people with the intent of ‘benefit’ first, as Ash puts it “aspiring to not only be the best in the world, but also to be the best for the world”. An intent where leaders backs it up with values, trust, compassion and awareness of people and circumstances around them. Through the benefit mindset we need to develop leaders who are brave, insightful and wise. Leaders who will shift the mindset from ME to WE.